The real cost of choosing the wrong surgeon for your breast augmentation

  If you are considering breast augmentation then it's important to understand the costs of hiring the wrong doctor. I think it's important to discuss the different types of "cost" financial costs health (as a currency) satisfaction/happiness (as a currency) For now, here's a shortlist of the obvious: Outcome - Choosing the right doctor can […]

ByCurtis Boyd
August 3, 2022
How to share your verified (blue) Transparency Listing

Want to share your verified badge with the world? We don't blame you, it's certainly something to be proud of. We've made it easy to share by placing shareable assets on the Profile Page of your listing You can access your listing by clicking the blue badge next to your business after you've installed our […]

ByCurtis Boyd
October 22, 2021
The FTC announces new penalties for fake reviews

The FTC just fired a shot across the bow. What does this mean? It means the FTC may be getting ready to implement new civil penalties - up to $43,792 per violation - if a business is found using fake positive reviews. “Fake reviews and other forms of deceptive endorsements cheat consumers and undercut honest […]

ByCurtis Boyd
October 15, 2021
How to effectively read a Transparency Report

A Transparency Report is a PDF that will tell you if a business has real or fake reviews. Here's an example (click me!) It contains a: Cover Page Analysis Page Review Pod Analysis Page (if present) Google Review - Transparency Data Table Transparency Fraud Metrics Breakdown Why should you read it A transparency report provides […]

ByCurtis Boyd
October 14, 2021
Introducing our Free Chrome Extension: Transparency for Chrome

What is Transparency for Chrome? It's a Chrome Extension!   It's the solution to properly identifying fake positive reviews, on Google Maps. Transparency for Chrome is a Chrome Extension we just released that allows users to know if a business has real or fake reviews while they are using Google Search in real-time on their […]

ByCurtis Boyd
October 11, 2021
How to Tip your local newspaper about businesses with fake reviews

I know it's not a sexy topic, but I wanted to take a minute and talk about how you can help your local newspaper do its job. And by "their job," I mean getting the word out about businesses with fake reviews on Google Maps. We all know that as marketers we don't want our […]

ByCurtis Boyd
September 23, 2021
How to Report Review Fraud to Licensing Boards

What happens when you find out somebody has been posting fake reviews? How do you report review fraud to license boards without getting blowback or breaking any laws yourself? Let's take a look at how digital marketers need to deal with this tricky situation. What is review fraud and why should it be reported Review […]

ByCurtis Boyd
September 22, 2021
How to Activate the GMB Help Community

Ever wondered how people remove fake reviews on Google Maps? I'm sure that's a question that is on your mind if you are reading this. Well, look no more! All of the answers are right here. The Google My Business community has been an incredible resource for consumers and digital marketers just like you and […]

ByCurtis Boyd
September 22, 2021
How to share a Transparency Report with friends and family

If so, this blog post is for you. We'll discuss how to make it easy for them to navigate the report by following a few simple steps. Sharing your Transparency Reports online is a way to show others how you research companies and professionals, the smart way. Step 1: Click on the social share icons […]

ByCurtis Boyd
September 21, 2021
Using Machine Learning to Detect Bot-Generated Fake Reviews

Have you ever read a review and questioned its legitimacy? Good. Google and Amazon alone have removed over 450 million fake reviews in the last 2 years. Surprisingly enough, hundreds of thousands of reviews are written by bots. The issue is severe enough to have attracted the attention of mainstream media and governments. For example, […]

ByCurtis Boyd
September 18, 2021
Transparency Badge
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