Ever wondered how people remove fake reviews on Google Maps? I'm sure that's a question that is on your mind if you are reading this. Well, look no more! All of the answers are right here. The Google My Business community has been an incredible resource for consumers and digital marketers just like you and me.

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Before we get started:

Use an alias when calling out spammers

It's very important that when you use alias and anonymity when publicly calling out review spammers. I'm going to share a story with you, about a famous review spammer who called out a large network of fake reviews and listings. This Russian spammer decided to go after not only his business but his client's businesses that were listed on his website. It took them months to remove the damage that the review spammer caused, so I urge you to be cautious when publicly calling out fake reviewers.

What are Google Product Experts and how can they help you

Google Product Experts are community members with years of experience in dealing with issues related to Google My Business and Google Maps. They help set things straight and help businesses follow the rules to make the marketplace a better place to thrive in. There are different levels, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - the platinum level Product Experts have spent years helping people and have the potential to make a massive impact on a given thread.

Understanding Google's Inconsistent Rulings

At the end of the day, review removals and takedowns are done by Google Administrators, not Product Experts. The #1 Google Product Expert complains all the time about how Google Administrators don't remove fake reviews, even after being given tons of evidence of review fraud.

Ok, now that we've talked about the fundamentals, let's get started!

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Now, let's fill out the details:

My question: Here you can get creative about the title of the thread:

  • I need to remove suspected fake reviews for a business
  • Help! Fake review takedown support
  • Are these reviews fake? I need help disputing them.

Category: Policies and Guidelines

Platform: Web

Describe & post: This is where you are going to add the juicy details, the listing report URL, and the evidence of review fraud. Here is where you tee up the Google Product Experts to get the removals done fast. Fortunately, you can copy/paste a lot of data right out of the Transparency Report PDF. Here's an example:

Transparency Badge
Look for our Honest Business badge when researching professionals