What is Transparency for Chrome?

It's a Chrome Extension!


It's the solution to properly identifying fake positive reviews, on Google Maps.

Transparency for Chrome is a Chrome Extension we just released that allows users to know if a business has real or fake reviews while they are using Google Search in real-time on their browser. Today it is used by the top Google Maps Product Experts, Local SEO Marketing Agencies, Business Owners, Consumers, and Government Officials.

It provides accurate and easy-to-understand color-coded badges to identify the status of a companies reviews. Each badge is clickable, for businesses with a known status (pass/fail) you can click on the business listing to get more details. For businesses with an unknown status, you can scan the business in a few short minutes.

We allow all users 1 free scan per week, so everyone has access to business with real reviews. Transparency for Chrome can successfully scan businesses around the world, in every category and read reviews in any language.

How it works - what you can do with the extension.

It works by using our reading your search results and adding data of our own (using our API) so you can visually see what's going on in real-time. Since we just launched, most businesses will have yellow badges. This yellow badge is a call to action to scan a business.

Our Chrome Extension displays badges 3 different areas:

Google Maps View:

Branded Google Search Search: Knowledge Panel + SERPs

Local 3 Pack


Once you've scanned a business, you should get a browser notification and the business will shortly appear in your "My Business Scans Area"


Once your scan is complete, you'll get a notification and can see the results. The red/blue badge will then be applied to the business for a few days before reverting to yellow.

Red and Blue Badges are clickable and will take you to the listing page for that business where you can learn more.

Why we built this extension

The #1 reason why we built this extension is to protect consumers from businesses with fake positive reviews. In 2019+2020 Google Maps removed 130 million fake reviews, that 178,000 fake reviews per day. In our opinion, it was just the tip of the iceberg and many reviews are still live right now - deceiving consumers to work with unqualified businesses.

Our goal is to build an honest business community and a brand that consumers can trust with their hard-earned money.

The future of transparency in our society and how we're going to work on it together

Unfortunately, there hasn't been much backlash for companies caught with fake positive reviews. The pros outweighed the cons x100 and unethical businesses realized the ROI that fake positive reviews brought in.

  • The FTC didn't go after small businesses for fake Google Maps Reviews
  • Google didn't punish GMB listings once fake positive reviews were removed
  • According to Google Maps Platinum Product Experts Jason Brown and Ben Fisher, Google only acts on 20-40% of well-documented queries
  • A majority of consumers are unaware of fake reviews or what they look like.
  • Even the BBB gives and maintain A+ ratings and accreditation to businesses with fake positive reviews.

We plan on building a community of people who want to bring Transparency back to the local search marketplace.

FAQs about Transparency for Chrome

Q: Is this a free or paid app?

A: All users start with a free plan, and can upgrade to a premium plan if they want to use more

Q: Are businesses notified if a person requests a scan for their business?

A: No, but their listing will go from Yellow > Red or Blue for a few days.

Q: How does your AI work to detect fake reviews?

A: You can learn more about our process on our About Page.

Q: Can any business use the Honest Business Community Badge?

A: Any business with a verified report can use our Badge on their website, email, and GMB listing. You can find these resources on your Transparency Listing - Profile Page

Downloading and installing the extension

Here's a link to the extension, where you can add it.


Be sure to sign in, once you've added the extension.


Transparency Badge
Look for our Honest Business badge when researching professionals