Introducing our Free Chrome Extension: Transparency for Chrome

What is Transparency for Chrome? It's a Chrome Extension!   It's the solution to properly identifying fake positive reviews, on Google Maps. Transparency for Chrome is a Chrome Extension we just released that allows users to know if a business has real or fake reviews while they are using Google Search in real-time on their […]

ByCurtis Boyd
October 11, 2021
How to Tip your local newspaper about businesses with fake reviews

I know it's not a sexy topic, but I wanted to take a minute and talk about how you can help your local newspaper do its job. And by "their job," I mean getting the word out about businesses with fake reviews on Google Maps. We all know that as marketers we don't want our […]

ByCurtis Boyd
September 23, 2021
How to Report Review Fraud to Licensing Boards

What happens when you find out somebody has been posting fake reviews? How do you report review fraud to license boards without getting blowback or breaking any laws yourself? Let's take a look at how digital marketers need to deal with this tricky situation. What is review fraud and why should it be reported Review […]

ByCurtis Boyd
September 22, 2021