Fake Reviews Hurt Consumers. Transparency Can Help.

Protect your community from dishonest businesses. Get your Transparency Report today and take action against fake google reviews.
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Discover which businesses use fake positive Google reviews

Search for any business to generate a Transparency Report and find out how reliable their reviews are.

What are the benefits of a Transparency Report?

Protect and Empower Consumers
Transparency helps consumers make informed decisions about which companies to support.
Legitimize Your Business
Certify the reliability of your own positive reputation with a clean Transparency Report.
Understand the Competition
Learn more about dishonest competitors as part of your strategic business plan.
Our Process

How we fight back

We collect data from hundreds of thousands of known deceitful business reviews to create baseline metrics that indicate fraud. Next, our artificial intelligence algorithms use these metrics to score business reviews as either real or fake. Last, we generate a clear and concise report that you can count on to help you take action against fake reviews.
Our Metrics

Identifying bad actors

Our analysis uses a combination of profile metrics, like the distance between businesses that a user has reviewed, and content metrics, such as the language found within individual reviews, to guide our machine learning algorithms.
Our promise

How do we build trust?

At Transparency, you can count on the accuracy of our reports and the integrity of our organization. Passing grades can’t be bought by dishonest businesses and we work hard to help remove fake reviews from public circulation to bring more honesty to the internet.
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What people are saying

"Finally! A service that shows you which businesses are cheating their way to the top of the rankings, and arms you with the data you need to take them down. Businesses that are playing by the rules can now fight back and level the playing field. I love these transparency reports!"
Darren Shaw
President & Founder at   

"With review fraud growing across the internet, The Transparency Company's technology is a critical way for business and consumers to avoid being manipulated by increasingly sophisticated  fake reviews."
Greg Sterling
VP of Market Insights at
"The Transparency Reports help you quickly see the level of fraud of any Google My Business location's reviews with meaningful proprietary metrics, beautiful visualizations, and review level data. I'm so glad that this tool has arrived and know it will certainly help my local clients compete in search."
Noah Learner
Product Director at
Two Octobers
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Consumers are 15x more likely to have a negative experience from a company with fake positive reviews.
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