The Transparency Company is pleased to provide individual business reports to consumers and businesses.

Each report displays a badge certifying whether a business has passed or failed our assessment, plus a detailed analysis of reviewer profiles, review content, and geographic location metrics.
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Only available to businesses with real reviews as verified by our Transparency Reports. Businesses with failed assessments can not pay us to alter or change a report in any way.

Why Subscribe?

When your business subscribes to The Transparency Company, your commitment to legitimate reviews will be listed in four premium, indexed locations:
  • Google search results
  • The Transparency Company website
  • The Transparency Company mobile application
  • The Transparency Company Chrome extension
Your positive reviews and verified status will also appear next to the listings of your competitors, giving you access to their potential customers. Your own business listing will appear independently from your competition, which means your customers are more likely to stay on your listing.

Color Coded Badges

We display business listings on maps in three pin colors: 

Blue --> Verified Reviews
Red --> Failed Reviews
Yellow --> Unknown 

As a subscriber to The Transparency Company, your status as verified will always appear as a blue pin, while your competitors may not be, which is a significant advantage when attracting new customers. A subscription also keeps your listing up to date at all times, including new reviews, photos, and more.


Additional services
Review Rehabiliation Program
If your business has failed our assessment due to suspicious reviews, The Transparency Company can act as your advocate to help you request their removal by Google administrators. Once the offending reviews have been purged from your listings, you will be welcome to subscribe, your pin color will be upgraded to blue in all locations, and you can begin to benefit from being a part of the honest business community.
Pricing: $200/month until a passing grade has been achieved
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Honest Business
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Honest Marketplace
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Local Sheriff 20
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Local Sheriff 100
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Monthly Transparency
Reports for Your Business
Indexed Business
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Custom Verification Video
Business Locations
1 location 1 location 1 location up to 5 locations
Monthly Marketplace
Reports ?
Monthly Marketplace
The Transparency Company will provide monthly reports for the top 20 competitor Google listings in a given industry/location. Example: Dentist Los Angeles. You can show this report to your customers and where you fit in the local marketplace. Depending on the results we can show you how to take action against competitors using deceptive marketing practices.
20 competitors 20 competitors 100 competitors
Spam Fighting
Service ?
Spam Fighting
The Transparency Company can help your listing appear higher in search results by advocating for the removal of dishonest reviews, inaccurate keywords, and duplicate listings from your competitors. A higher spot in search results means more visibility for your business, leading to more customers and more sales.
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Transparency Badge
Look for our Honest Business badge when researching professionals