Our Story

The Transparency Company was born during an entrepreneurs journey who was tired of serving the business community exclusively. Tired of working to improve reputations of business owners who refused to work on providing better experiences for their customers, but wanted a better reputation regardless. After 9 years of working success in Online Reputation in the B2B space, I decided it was time to turn the ship around and start making the world a better place. So we pivoted during the COVID-19 crisis to build software and products that would serve to be a champion of the consumer. We wanted to align ourselves with consumers and help them make better spending decisions by identifying fake positive reviews for companies they were considering working with.

Our product also validates reviews of businesses who have real reviews who have earned their reputation. So we consider our product to by a hybrid B2B/B2C product. Good for the businesses with real reviews, bad for the businesses with fake reviews.

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Our Mission

To provide affordable and quality software that can analyze the legitimacy of online reviews. We want to empower consumers to make better spending decisions, to prevent them from hiring low quality companies who might otherwise cause harm in their lives. We want to align ourselves with businesses in the marketplace with real reviews and provide to them a beacon, with our personal reassurances that they are a high quality business worthy of their customers hard earned money.

Our Team

Curtis Boyd


Curtis Boyd is the founder of The Transparency Company. His expertise in Online Reputation Management gave The Transparency Company the direction for the technology. Working as a reputation consultant in Online Reputation, he saw a lack of transparency in business reviews. He also saw the growing lack of trust in Online Reviews, and hopes to bring a new element of trust back to the online review marketplace.

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Some information about our Artificial Intelligence:

We use multiple AI frameworks to compare the differences of:

– Profile Data: Profile data includes the behavioral data of a reviewer. The businesses they have reviewed, the types of businesses, the types of reviews they leave, profile photo, ect.

– Content Data: The review content itself provides a ton of information when making a prediction if the review is real or not using NLP models.